Tailor-made and individual groundwork to systematically professionalise your people management.

Almost every business gets to a point in it’s “life cycle” at which organically grown HR structures need to be systematically professionalised.
In this phase, small and medium sized businesses do not need overpayed armies of consultants from large consultancies. They need independent and neutral experts which support them selectively and temporarily.

QPM closes this gap with practical consulting and lean fees. We see ourselves as an external source of inspiration that within short time enables your employees and leaders to independently and successfully manage upcoming projects and resulting measures.

As consultants with long years of experience and a solid interdisciplinary expertise and experience spanning over various industries, we – together with you – analyse the status quo and work out the definition of the project. In the next step, we develop ideas and systematically implementable solutions together with you.

Organisation - QPM


  • Job specification analysis
    Analysis of job specifications according to methods from work sciences
  • Job description
    Practical and understandable documentation of job specifications
  • Job evaluation
    Tailored support in the process of implementation from initial training to complete realisation

Development - QPM


  • Organisational development
    Implementing the findings from analysis and evaluation into the organisational structure
  • People development
    Assessment of potential, implementation of expert career paths, appraisal systems, leadership trainings and more

Reward management - QPM

Reward management

  • Reward analysis
    Analysis of existing structure regarding consistency, abnormalities, equal treatment, risks etc.
  • Reward strategy
    Fit to organisational structure, career models and overall strategy of the organisation
  • Reward structure
    Modelling grades, developing variable pay models and supporting operational implementation

Data based evaluations - QPM

Data based evaluations

  • Evidence based personnel management
    Better decisions through intelligent data analysis in your company.
  • Demographic structural analysis
    Evaluation of the age- and gender specific structure of your workforce, your geographic spread, as well as economical and social factors driving the upcoming changes
  • Definition of current status quo
    Presentation and discussion of fringe benefits matching the demographics and life cycle phase as well as the overall strategy of the organisation