Job Evaluation & Evidence based Compensation Consulting

QPM offers innovative HR-solutions and -products for job evaluation, compensation management and HR analytics.

Analytical. Reliable. Fair.

We are a young business consultancy from Dusseldorf (Germany), which focuses on developing innovative HR-products and evidence-based solutions for the human resources management function. As consultants, we work analytically, independent and fair as well as scientifically sound.

Our core competencies are projects of job grading, conceptual activities regarding job architectures & remuneration structuring and advising on HR Analytics.

Job evaluation easily done

gradar is the analytical job evaluation system by QPM.
It is designed as an easy-to-use and understandable application –
perfect for all sizes of businesses.

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gradar - QPM

job matching easily done

With rosetta we publish a fully revised and enhanced decoding of levelling methodologies from compensation studies and labour agreements in order to set new standards for the years to come.

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gradar - QPM