HR Analytics

evidence based personnel management

With our services we support HR departments in finding quantitative evaluators for projects and processes. We analyse interconnections and causalities with innovative methods of modern statistics and develop forecasts for relevant challenges in your company.

The findings indentified by us help you in developing your HR instruments further. You receive solid insight into the effectiveness of your HR processes and at the same time receive an excellent base for creating business case calculations. Strengthening your HR’s position is a further benefit of our services – foremost in dealing with quantitatively oriented board members and CFOs.

We are happy to support you deciding which questions would qualify for an evaluation and what prerequisites are required. As a result you receive a comprehensive analysis with well-visualised results, transparent calculation logics as well as suggestions on measures and next steps.

Typical questions / challenges:

  • Is your recruiting process optimally focused?
  • Are your selection procedures optimally aligned?
  • Do you measure relevant competencies in applicants and employees?
  • Do your trainee programs have the desired business impact?
  • Does an increase in job satisfaction trigger an increase in operative results?
  • Do your HR programmes support your clients’ satisfaction?
  • Do you know which factors lead to fluctuation in your company?